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    Our wide range of trades allows our clients to start serving customers faster. We can perform all general contractor duties, in addition to specialized plumbing and electrical services. We reduce the number of sub-contractors on the job, which ensures a faster job and reduces client stress. For example, our restaurant clients benefit from the fact that we are experienced at working through the night. Our restaurant clients don’t run the risk of having an inexperienced sub-contractor on the site who might not understand how important it is to thoroughly clean up each night, so as not to interfere with daily restaurant sales.

    Here is a partial list of specific services we offer:

    ADA Requirements

    Wall replacement / Dry rot

    Fire Damage Repair

    Water Damage Repair


    Metal Studs


    Floor Tile – Quarry tile, Porcelain tile, Ceramic Tile, Z Brick

    Walk-in Freezer & Coolers

    Freezer Floors & Cooler Floors

    Granite Bar tops – Vanity Tops etc.

    Restrooms Partitions

    Tee bar Ceilings & Ceiling Tiles

    Carpet Repair

    Equipment Installation

    Plumbing – Major and Minor

    Floor Trough Drains

    Electrical – Major and Minor

    Stainless Steel Fabrications and Field Welding (All Types)

    Steel Fabrications – Metal Dumpster Gates, Railings

    Concrete – Repair or replace in & outside the restaurant

    Plastic Laminate – Repair – Replacement

    Wood Refinishing – Painting

    Doors Entry/ Fire Rated / Easy Swing